+ How is the Elevate & Impact program experience delivered? 

 This is a high-touch consulting program (not a course), so the most transformational magic happens during our Live Zoom Sessions including:

  • Weekly Voxer Office Hours | Typically Mon @ 1pm PT/4pm ET
  • Weekly Hot Seat Consulting | Wed @ 12pm PT/3pm ET
  • Monthly Intensive | Th @ 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET 

Most months we also have a Guest Expert Training or Specialty Workshop, typically on a Thursday at 9:30am PT/12:30pm ET.

Please note, session types and times are current as of January 1st, 2023.

With ~6+ live sessions per month, you certainly don’t need to attend them all. You’re welcome to attend the amount of live sessions that feels supportive and fits your schedule, but we do recommend attending a minimum of 3 live sessions per month to see significant results and transformation through your Elevate & Impact program experience. 

Replays, transcripts and even a private podcast feed with audio of all live sessions make it easy to participate anywhere, anytime.

You will have instant access to all the IMPACT Framework core training materials (video/audio/slides) inside your Training Hub right away. We’ve also included a program tour and a “pacing guide” to help you move through the IMPACT Framework core trainings in a way that aligns with your schedule and your goals.

You’ll get a “digital workspace” with your own personal Google Drive folder and Trello Board with resources, templates and more. You’ll use your workspace to stay organized, document your strategy and collaborate with AnnMarie during live sessions as needed. (Not to worry if you’ve never used these tools before, we provide a video walkthrough of everything and even our most tech-challenged clients get the hang of things right away.)

Our private support community (hosted on Facebook) is your space to mastermind, ask questions, stay accountable and connect with other brilliant women who are committed to doing business their own way. It’s super common for Elevate Insiders to form close friendships and business partnerships.


+ How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

The work you’ll do inside Elevate & Impact is the vital CEO-level work ON your business that’s nonnegotiable for every entrepreneur who’s committed to growth and sustainable success. That said, we like for you to schedule 2-3 hours per week for learning, live calls, group participation and implementation. But rest assured, even our most time-crunched clients end up with more space in their schedule since Elevate & Impact ensures you’re strategic and hyper-focused on the best next step -- saving you a lot of time!

+ Do I get lifetime access to the training content? 

 You do get lifetime access to the IMPACT Framework core training content. We want you to be able to revisit it as your business continues to shift and evolve after your time inside the program. That said, we know that having a timeline to learn, process and implement is the key to preventing procrastination and analysis paralysis so we recommend consuming and applying 1 training every 2-3 weeks during your time inside the program.


+ What if I’m not comfortable talking about my business in front of a group? 

We understand that being vulnerable and open about your challenges, experiences, fears, thoughts and inner workings of your business can be a little uncomfy at times. So we’re wildly protective of our group dynamics to ensure you’re only surrounded by high-performing and emotionally intelligent women who genuinely want the very best for you.

AnnMarie’s commitment to holding “business big sister” energy -- so you feel empowered to show up exactly as you are and trust you’re surrounded by people who have your best interest at heart -- means judgement, competition and cutting people down simply aren’t tolerated (and frankly, have never been an issue).

The group experience will be vital to your transformation 


+ This is a big financial and time commitment, can I get a refund if I change my mind?

High-level results require high-level commitment and investment. That’s why Elevate & Impact is for high-level women only.
AnnMarieRose.com (Team In Motion Media, LLC) has a NO REFUND policy and here’s why: This work is best-suited for the COMMITTED business owner who’s willing to be ALL IN on her deepest desires and next level of success, even when she’s scared or shit feels like it’s hitting the fan. If this is NOT you, Elevate & Impact probably isn’t a fit. And while we can’t guarantee exact results, we do guarantee to have your back and support you with the highest level of service.  


+ Do I get 1:1 time with AnnMarie?

When you show up for the live sessions, you’ll receive consulting and guidance directly from AnnMarie. You can bring anything to these calls.


+ Will I need to invest in anything else for my business to do this work?

As a committed business owner, you already know you’ll likely need to invest in certain tools and support beyond what you have available to you right now to grow your business. What got you here won’t get you there, and this is true regardless of whether you step into Elevate & Impact. 

That said, we’re borderline obsessed with helping you avoid wasting financial resources on tools, resources, services and support you either don’t need at all or don’t need right now. Because of this, the majority of our clients end up saving more than their program investment (i.e. multiple thousands of dollars) during their time inside Elevate & Impact.

+ I’m currently working with a coach or in another program. Why should I step into Elevate & Impact?

Adopting a “yes and” mentality (versus either/or thinking) is crucial to creating everything you desire and deserve. We know that being abundantly supported makes business easier, so it’s highly possible that pairing your current growth and development support with Elevate & Impact will accelerate your progress on all fronts even more.

And while you will receive coaching when needed inside Elevate & Impact, it is primarily a consulting program. A coach’s job is to help you come to your own solutions by asking questions, working through mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, etc. This type of work is highly effective for developing you as a leader and building your resiliency. 

But without a clear game plan to get you where you want to be and expert-level answers based on years of experience to help you navigate along the way, many who invest in only coaching feel unstoppable but don’t have the business results that reflect that. As a business consultant, that’s what AnnMarie is committed to helping you get. She holds your vision, helps you strategize with intention and offers direct support as you apply your unique strategy to actually get things DONE and get results.



Ready for the aligned business success you desire and deserve?

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